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Preschool 2013 Registration Montreal | Learning In Progress

Learning In Progress Preschool
Montreal West Island

September 2013 school year registration!

Register your children for the new school year today, to ensure their spot! Hurry up, spaces are limited!

Registration is now open for our preschool and for our special programs as well:

Pre Kindergarten Program:

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program begins at age 4 and is really a wonderful year of preparing for the next exciting step in your child's school journey - Kindegarten! In this program, all-important skills like learning French and early academics (pre-reading, pre-math, pre-writing), social and self expression skills are paired with a fun, diverse curriculum reinforced and incorperated into daily activities. This promotes kindergarten readiness, confidence, mutual respect, caring for others, and makes for a great place to come to each day!

Prelude to Preschool:

Preschool starts at age 2.5 with our Prelude to Preschool Program designed as an introduction to preschool. Our goal is to get the children comfortable with a prechool setting (routines & schedules), socialize and be okay with being away from mom & dad.

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To register your child, fill up the above registration form, or simply call us at:


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Beaconsfield United Church
202 Woodside road
Beaconsfield, QC H9W 2P1
Phone: (514) 506-4681